Texture, 6 Refreshing Ideas

Adding Texture To My Photos

I have just recently starting to update some of my photos to give them a little pop with textures.

Below is one I took for a class, of oranges.

orangest 1

For this photo I took a texture from a collection I bought called Mystical Lights

I put the texture on top, adjusted the opacity and did some blending.




To add a texture to a photo just copy and paste the texture on to the photo. You may need to rescale.  You may also want to change positions so the texture is behind the photo.  Then, with blending see PS example, you can bring our different looks.

blending 1
In Photoshop, with two or more layers, click on Normal to see the blending options.













Beach Volleyball  

A good action shot of a beach volleyball game, but nothing more.






Here I cropped the action and added two effects, desaturate and grunge.

volleyball Edit







NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline
NYC From The Brooklyn Bridge. I like this photo. The sky and lightning make it pop.






In order to give it a somewhat different look I add texture

  • added a stock texture which was yellow streaks with black background
    • you can  download many textures, for free, from multiple locations
    • if you want to create your own, you  could start with photos of things like stained glass,  grass and shadows or textured surfaces like side walks and walls.  Bring them into your photo editor and blend, blur and merge to the desired effect.  More ideas  here.
  • removed the black
  • tried the texture in front of and behind photo
  • faded the yellow to 45%
  • changed the blend to lighten
Refreshing Textures
Now it has a look of something moving, quickly from the the lower left to the top right, or the reverse. Maybe lights of some kind?



Just A Tree

DSC 3427 Edit org



Added a sky with sun rays on top of the tree and decreased the opacity of the top layer.

DSC 3427 Edit



At the beginning of this bicycle race, all the riders did two easy loops through the town.

Bike Race

For this one I decided to actually use an action (Abstract2) to give the photo a wow look.

Technically not a texture, but you always have license to innovate.

   Colorado Pro Tour

texture refreshing ideas
Colorado Pro Tour

Some other ideas:

More Light Rays

20190619 090810 Edit
Bokeh Dots In Back Of Boat

bench texture
Water Droplets In Front Of Object

View From The Porch
Texture In Background

two boys textured
Two boys in Nepal. For shots where the background is neutral or uninteresting, replacing the background with a texture is an option.

As an extension, see my post on creative photography

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