Close Up Photography Through Cropping

Decades ago,  in the days of film and prints,   I owned a macro lens.

Today, I practice Digital Close Up Photography

Or, close up photography through cropping.

While I still have a few legacy close up shots that I scanned from old prints,  and a few I still shoot in camera, I now create most my close ups from whatever other photos I have that may lend themselves to a different look.  i.e. I crop the photo.

Yes, with my telephoto lens, I could shot a distant object as a close up.  By taking the wide shot and then using post processing, however, I have flexibility on what part of the photo I wish to feature.

Since I do not print photos nearly as often as I used to,  I am not too concerned about a 6000×4000 pixel photo being reduced by 2/3.

With the plethora of paid and free photo resizers available, I can, if I want to, resize it for large printing.

The photo below is a pleasant late after noon shot of the pier at Ft. Meyers Beach, FL.
The photo below that is a cropped version.  Easy peasie.

Ft Meyers Pier susan portrait scaled

Close Up Photography Through Cropping







Or a favorite tourist type photo of Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park,  followed by a cropped version of the same.

DSC 8510 2 Edit 3 Editsusan portrait scaled
Half Dome, Yosemite Park, CA







DSC 8510 2 Edit 3 Editcususan portrait
Half Dome, Yosemite Park, CA







Or closer still.

halfdome real close
Half Dome, Yosemite Park, CA

Of course, cropped close ups can be photos other than landscapes.

Many of my people shots were, originally, a wider view that included the person featured in the closeup.

An example is a woman sweeping a street in India. I took the from a moving bus and did not have time to focus, telephoto, on the woman.


DSC 5635susan portrait
Sweeping Up.  India

A quiet setting by the pond.

Image00005 scaled

I generally crop the photo and then enhance Clarity, add texture, Dehaze and fine tune with shadows, whites, blacks and contrast.

Sometimes I will also tweak with color saturation or luminance. 

My close up gallery is here.

More tips on post process cropping.

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