Engaging Travel Photographs

Not Eye Glazing, But Engaging Travel Photographs

  • Never more than 40 photos
  • Automatic Presentations Are Mercifully Short
  • Rarely A Picture Of Me Or My Wife – We Are Not The Topic
    China Always Engaging
    West Lake is a mandatory photo stop on all trips to China. I assume the boat travels back and forth, for us to photograph.

My vacation photos have precious few, if any pictures of Susan or myself.
I hate looking at hundreds of humdrum photos of someone’s trip, 70% of which are duplicates of a previous photo.
These travel shots try to capture the essence of place, which  is NOT multiple pictures of Susan or me, in just a couple of minutes.

  • Cape Cod Off The Bicycle

    • 4 Great Cape Cod Bicycle Rides
      Our bicycle club used to go riding on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard every year. Whether you bicycle not, it is a beautiful spot to vacation. This link will open a new tab and take you to my other website The Bicycle Site. Just close the tab when you are finished. Do not click, Home or Back to get back here.


Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park & Environs. The US and State parks and monuments have some of the most stunning and unusual scenery in the world

  • China 2005

    So vastly different that traveling through Europe or South & Latin America. The culture is not western and opened our eyes to a whole new perspective of the world. More on my China Blog Post

  • Iceland 2019

    • The best thing I can say about this, is to quote a fellow traveller. “Were we on the same trip? I am not even going to post my photos. I will use yours.”
    • Simultaneously stark and beautiful.
    • Mountains, fjords, the largest glacier in Europe and a thoroughly unpronounceable language
    • Some movies and tv shows filmed in Iceland include,Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, James Bond: Die Another Day & A View to Kill, Game of Thrones – seasons 2 – 7 & Vikings – season 5
  • Russia 2007

    One of our employees told us, if we go to Russia, do not take a land trip. At that time, the country was just set up to handle land tours. We took a river cruise along the Volga, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, stopping at quaint and not so quaint cities and heritage site along the way

  • Slovenia, Italy & Austria 2019 – Post


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