China – An Extraordinary New Travel Perspective

China – An Extraordinary New Travel Perspective

Chinese History Is Thousands Of Years Old

Chinese History Is Also Continuous For All That Time

The trip was non stop.  We were on the go from 8 or 9 am until 6 pm, every day, except for the free time some mornings or afternoons.

In 2005, this trip, through a Chinese travel agency with offices in the U.S.A. was $1500, including airfare, three meals and day and mostly 5 star hotels.

The country is huge, but it is all one time zone.  As we traveled west from Beijing, that compounded the disorientation.

As tourists we all received an ID card which we hung around our neck.  It had our guide’s information in Chinese and English.  We were told,  if we ever got lost, just point to the guide’s cell phone number, as most Chinese carry cell phones.  They will call, and someone will come to get us.

This was a pre DSLR trip.  Used a point and shoot from the company that invented digital photography, then never realized its potential. (1)

Anyway, the idea of endless film was negated when I filled up two memory cards.  I also realized that I did not need 50 photos of everything.  After that I culled photos every evening. 

The Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall of China.  We did climb a section. Steps were different heights and thicknesses. Challenging.


Since Beijing, and the area around it was always hazy with air pollution, I did need to doctor this photo a bit to make it look better.

Put in a bluish sky and toned up the great wall itself. Food vendors exist everywhere.  This was in a water village, near Shanghai.

Watervillage Orange Vendor
Like everywhere in the world.

Food vendors were all over.  This was in a water village near Shanghai.

Morning Tai Chi was everywhere we went.  Sometimes the groups were large, in a park with a group leader.  We normally took pre breakfast walks around 6 am, since our body clocks never fully adjusted.

Shanghai Tai Chi 2
Morning exercise was popular everywhere.

West Lake is a mandatory photo stop. I assume the boat travels back and forth, for us to photograph.

The sky around West Lake was not modified by me, to give a sense of what it really looked like.

westlake china
West Lake is a mandatory photo stop. I assume the boat travels back and forth, for us to photograph.


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