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Artistic Photographs & Unique Artwork

There is a pleasure, finally, in building a website that is not  dependent on anything but the enjoyment I get putting it all together.

I have, since retirement in 2012, seriously rekindled my interest in photography.  At first, however, I decided all I needed was a point and shoot camera.  That lasted only until I found I could not really take the kind of photos I wanted to take with it.  I went to a DSLR, with the idea that I did not really need a full frame camera.  It has worked out quite well.  As I learned more about what the camera could do and what I could do post processing (not a chore for me, but rather a fun hobby),  it has all settled into what you see at this website and my photographs on the walls of my home.  That being said, the camera’s in today’s cell phones are blurring some of that distinction.

Northen California Redwoods

I use the word artistic because I try, really hard, to not present snapshots in my collections.   With the plethora of photographic websites on the internet, it behooves me to attempt to present something interesting.

For Susan this has been on and off hobby.  Still, she has done quite a bit of work, and won some awards at local art fairs.   She worked for quite a while with acrylic.  In 2019, she started using pastels as well.  

DSC 9162

A little different.  All from our photographs and paintings.  Absolutely free.


Possibly interesting, far from earth shattering posts on the types of different photos I have taken, as well as general topics such as catching the light and my post processing techniques.

Since the age of digital my long lost interest in photography renewed itself (if I could but do that with aging 🙂 ).

I bought good equipment, struggled to learn Photoshop and started my 21st century collection.

I also scanned about 30% of my thousands of slides, from film days, into digital format.  Scanning was an interesting exercise, as I realized 30% was really all I needed for a complete photo history.  The 70% I discarded was more of the same.

My photos, were, initially, landscape and more landscape.
I now also include people (but rarely portrait),  city/street scenes and animals.

Several years ago, I started my creative collection, some out of the camera, but most post processing.


About the time I got back in to photography, Susan, my wife, rekindled (yes, the word has a non electronic meaning) her interest in art.

Her acrylic work is predominant on this website, and keeps getting better and better.

Recently, she started working with pastels as well.

See more at Unsplash and Flickr

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