4 Sports Photo Shoot Tips

This website has  nice photo galleries of beaches and bicycling.   When I offered to create a gallery for one of my pickleball groups it quickly became apparent, that, unlike beaches and bicycling galleries, I would not have multiple locations,  different times of day, or a whole lot variety.  I needed a set of sports photo shoot tips.

For beaches, aside from locations and times of day, there was sitting, surfing, volleyball, board walk, etc.  For bicycling there was lone riders, small groups, causal, racing, pacelines, eating and resting.

For the pickleball shoot (or baseball, basketball, football, and other ball and net sports, there are limits.

I needed to think differently.  The full gallery is here.

Here are my Sports Photo Shoot Tips

These tips are not about the camera or shooting modes.  I assume you know how to use your camera to get effective shots.

#1 Angles With Action

sports photo shot tips
Wide angle created from two photos made into a panorama.


Wide angle, vertical, horizontal,  diagonal,  looking down and looking up.
I took many of each type of shot, then selected the best for the presentation.

#2 Groupings With And Without Action

DSC 3591 Edit 2 Recovered
This could be one team serving, four players grouping at the end of the game or people sitting on a the sidelines resting.







#3 Collages With Action

DSC 3599 1
This is a great way to get multiple people in your group into a single photo. More people get represented, without the need to have too many photos in your gallery.


#4 Get Creative

If you have the ability a little creativity breaks up the sequence and keeps the gallery interesting.

Sports Photo Shooting Tips
It could be a simple a sun flare or added sunrays.


Gave Over and Over
It could be more complex like a post processing multiple exposure.


Above all.  Have fun.  I took about 300 photos over 10 days and put about 35 into my final presentation.

Some more sports photo shooting tips are here.

My Pickleball Gallery



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