Vibrant Photo Galleries

What Better Way To Present Photo Galleries Than An Eclectic Mix?

I started with travel and landscape, later branching out into everything you see below.
I did get some really great shots. I also will do whatever post processing is necessary to improve the shot.

I am glad I did. I hope you enjoy.

None of these galleries exceed 40 photos. On automatic slide show versions, that is about 2 minutes.

Landscapes, Outdoors & Sports

American Landscapes . . . Beaches . . . Bicycles . . . Mist, Haze & Fog . . . Night Photos . . . Pickleball

I could easily post hundreds of photos from all over this country. My wife and I have traveled to Europe, Asia, Central and South America and all over the US. While there are phenomenal landscape photo opportunities everywhere, the United States ranks in the top 5 as far as I am concerned. Among the 38 photos in this slide show are Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree Park, Badlands, Maine & Cape Cod.

American Landscapes

Also see my blog on Landscapes.

Grand Canyon



The problem with 30 beach photos, is how to keep the viewer from falling asleep.
As gorgeous or unique as they can be, there is a tendency to be repetitious.
Every beach photo in this gallery is modified, in an attempt to prevent that.
They have a new sky, textures, weather changes, bokeh effects and more, in an attempt to keep it all interesting.

DSC 5234 Edit Edit
Shot was broad daylight. I darken the photo and lit up the surfer.


These photos are at my bicycle website. The gallery is an assortment of photos relating to the site. Somewhat unique.

The Bicycle Site home page is here.

Night Photos

This was a challenging series, as getting the lighting right at night is harder as is showing an interesting sky.
Anyway, take a look.


My main pickleball group in Kansas is the people who play, outdoors, in most weather, at Leawood Park, in the Kansas City suburbs.
This was something different for me. In all my other galleries, I had a choice of multiple locations, different times of day, changing scenery and mostly a variety of activities.
For this photo essay, I had to think, angles and groups, as it is a finite set of people, playing mornings only and in the same location.

Mist, Haze & Fog

A collection of photos where the sky is not clear and the objects are partially shrouded.

Animals & People


I really like these photos. Fortunately, I have some birding friends that helped me identify what I was shooting. There are 33 photos, including shots of Anhinga, Tri Colored Heron and a terrific shot of a Roseate Spoonbill lifting off.

blue heron ready to take off AuroraHDR edit
Great Blue Heron At Liftoff

People Around The World

Over the past 23 years we have traveled throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Central and South America. In all these places, people are just people, be Turkey, Long Beach, NY, Israel, Russia, Colorado, India, Czech Republic, Italy or Hungary.

No matter where we have traveled, people are just people. Photos from the US, Asia, Europe, Central and South America

Unposed Portraits

These are photos I took that often are part of a whole scene, or even multiple people.  No one, in these photos, was asked to pose.

Buildings & Street Scenes

Buildings US

For the past decade or so, I have been driving across the country, between NY and KS and KS and CA. Particularly in the mid west I often stopped to take photos, just because I had my camera. Here are some of my 28 favorite shots of buildings, including a lighthouse in MA, a tiny Post Office in F and the American Gothic House in Eldon, IA

New York City

There is so much to photograph in any city, NYC being an exceptional one. Look for more NYC galleries here, soon.

Photo Studies (Competition, Close Up, Creative & Color Conversions)

Still Life

Just 16 photos.  No living things.

Competition Photos

When I lived on Long Island (yes, for some reason it is ON Long Island, but IN New York City), I was in a club that had regular competitions. Here are some of my top scoring photos. For explanation on some see my blog post.

Color Conversions

Changing 4 color photos to B&W, 2 or 3 color, sepia tone and minimal black

Creative, A Different Perspective

These run from simple photographic changes, to complete revamping of the original photo

Creative Blog Post 1
Creative Blog Post 2

Toast To Times Square


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