Mist, Haze & Fog Photography

Ah, those clear blue skies with wild cloud patterns, or multi colored sunsets . . . such beautiful photos.

And there is also, 2 color, black and white, night shots . . . and

Mist, Haze & Fog

As with most posts of mine I start out with the reality that, if you cannot catch the photo in real time,  it can all be done in Photoshop or other photo editors.

However, it can now be done faster and easier with software from Topazlabs (Lens Effects and Studio 2) Skylum (all versions of Luminar), Autofx (GRFX Package) Landscape Pro  (Atmosphenre Tab) and. no doubt, others.

I caught this really nice woodland photo near S. Lake Tahoe California with my Nikon D700.  In this shot the fog is not encompassing the entire image.  I did enhance it bit in Photoshop. There was also a spot of sunlight coming through.  Nothing compares to nature.


Shanghai harbor below, was cloudy, but not hazy.  Landscape Pro Atmosphere gave me the look I wanted. HAZE

shanghai harbor b

This is another original shot, from upstate NY.  I just cropped it and lightly modified in Lightroom.


Another modified photo of a Lighthouse in Cape Cod, MA.  Original was a sunset shot.

mist haze fog

My small set of gallery photos is here.


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