The Good, The Bad & The Spoiler x 5

Or – the Joys (Good),  Frustrations (Bad) & Bumps (Spoiler) You Encounter As A Photographer

I usually carefully plan my photo shoots, be it a NYC Street Life walk, a casual hike or a set of vacation photos.

Sometimes, however,  things go bump in the night.  Below are five such bumps.   Some have happened to me,  some have happened to acquaintances of mine.

  • Good:  You find the fantastic shot that you did not expect to see
  • Bad: You left your “real” camera at home, because, you did not expect to see this shot
  • Spoiler: You do take the photo with your cell phone, but you forever know it will be a compromise.


  • Good: The scene is right and the light is great.
  • Bad: You really want about 20 minutes to explore and shoot to get the perfect photo.
  • Spoiler: Your significant other is giving you serious fish eye.
The Good
NYC Skyline – Incredible Light
  • Good: You come home with a treasure trove of great photos.
  • Bad: On a bright blue sky day you realize you left your warming filter on.
  • Spoiler: You do what you can, post processing, but there are limits.


  • Good: You submit your photo for competition and win!
  • Bad: You can no longer find it in you catalogue/collection.
  • Spoiler: You can only show it digitally with a resized thumbnail
The Regret
Roman Forum, Italy. Original is missing.
  • Good: You buy a brand new camera that almost takes the photos for you.
  • Bad: You need 200 hours of course work to figure out how to use the various functions.
  • Spoiler: You just cannot deal with the Bad so:
    • You continue to shoot on Program or Automatic.
    • You need to carry a cheat sheet which means every photo takes several times as long to shot
    • You learn as much as you can

So, we have all been one of the above, or some other situation that plays games with our hard work.  Life is like that.  I do try not to get too bent, because I realize that there is never a final perfect shot.  There are always more.

Glenn Abelson 

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