30 Second Photo Shoot Perfection

A Blah Series Of Photos Until The End Of The Walk, Terminating,  In The Last 30 Seconds In

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After a lovely walk in the San Joaquin  Audubon in Irvine California, with a series of okay, but not so great photos, we encountered a Great Blue Heron standing on the road.   A somewhat better shot, to be sure,  but standing on the road is still not great.

I set my speed at 1,000 of second,  locked the focus and slowly walked towards the bird.   As I got closer,  he decided fly away.  Photo Shoot Perfection, achieved, making it all worthwhile.

If only we could achieve this every time . . .

The full photo essay follows:

It was a sunny, dry day, with a series of  great California Wines (whoops, wrong post),   with typically little foot traffic in the preserve.

We took a meandering loop of one to two miles,  which included walks along the water.

photo 1














There were plenty of birds, but nothing to write home about.

The Audubon Preserve, however, is always peaceful and serene, so I was enjoying the walk and taking photos I never expected to use.

Aside from birds,  trees and skies seemed to be the best opportunities of the day.

photo 2









Then, about 200 yards from the car, we saw the blue heron in the road.  My wife urged me to take some photos,  which I did, realizing that I would nothing with them.

What I did after that was to  just stand there.  I knew, from experience, that the bird would move sooner than later.

When the heron started to move,  I got the following shots, which made the whole day, not just the walk, worthwhile.

blue heron ready to take off AuroraHDR edit














Photo Shoot Perfection









Sometimes, as photographers, we need to take things as they come.   If you do get that one perfect shot of the day, all the more enjoyable.

More Bird Photos Here

Some Accidental Perfect Photos




















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