Creative Beach Photos, 5 Examples

I take a lot of photos at beaches.

Some a really great.

Most are just nice.

So, I wondered what would happen if I re worked a couple of dozen to get some more creative beach photos, post processing.

I came up with some interesting variations.

Creative Beach Photos

The full photo presentation is here.

beaches photo essay
Just another surfing photo, taken at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, CA Nikon D7000 1/1500th f/8.0 300mm (crop factor to 450mm)











I cropped the photo, added some motion blur behind the surfboard, a lens flare in the wave and some minor additional adjustments gave me the remake below.

Dana Point, CA




I another crop, below, starts with two boys on a volleyball court, in Long Beach, NY.  Which, BTW has a brand new, post Sandy, 2 mile long boardwalk.

DSC 5189











This one I cropped and put a ray of sunlight on the boys.  In Lightroom, I used the Adjustment Brush,  sized the diameter, placed it over the boys and clicked once.  I then adjusted Exposure and the other settings to suit.


down under the net HDR2
Long Beach, NY





Long Beach, NY has dozens of volleyball courts up for an extended season. It is not uncommon to see most of them in use, especially in the evening.

 This crop was a fairly interesting photo unto itself.  For a beach gallery, however, I wondered if it would become just another photo.


volleyball Edit
So, I cropped the photo even more, desaturated the colors and added a grunge texture.      There are many free and paid sources to download textures/backgrounds. For awhile I was flipping from PS to Bridge to get the textures. But now I can load my entire texture library into PS. Once I add the texture I work with Blend modes and opacity to get the look I want.




20200206 112009a
A rock in a pool of water at Crystal Cove State Park, Newport Beach, CA




20200206 112009
I then removed the people in the background in Photoshop and added a sky drop to the water and sand.



20200208 122904
Beach houses under restoration, again at Crystal Cove State Park. There are many that are operational. You can rent them from the park, but it is just one step above camping, as the cabins are bare bones.




20200208 122828 Edit
Here I went for an old time look with a new sky. I used Landscape pro for the sky changes and lighting. There are then multiple ways to get the old time look through other software or directly in Photoshop.




100 0109
Finally, a fall day, with a totally boring sky, on the boardwalk in Long Beach NY.
100 0109 Edit
I changed the Sky, this time with the new Sky Replacement in Photoshop, and relit the boardwalk to work with the sky.



See full presentation is here.  It was a fun project as I had to see how I could be just a little creative for each photo.

In camera creative beach photos.


Glenn Abelson






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