Your 30 Outstanding Vacation Photos

120 Absolutely Boring Vacation Photos, Online, Which No One Cares Much About

And the few that do will get glassy eyed in two or three minutes . . . or . . .

30  Outstanding Vacation Photos

Also, which few people will care much about, but those who will be impressed.

The proof is from a single email (at bottom) *.  I got from a fellow traveler when my wife and I went to Iceland.  As is the custom, everyone exchanges emails, and no one ever uses them, except me.

I do not have many vacation photos on this website, even though I have traveled the world, because it takes so much time to get it right.

What I do have, is hundreds of photos from each trip.  If I decide to post them on this website for someone to see, I want them to be impressed.

So, here are the rules I follow:

  1. No more than20 – 40 photos, which translates to two to three minutes of viewing, if on a slide show with 3.5 to 4.5 seconds between slides.
  2. Have an automatic slide option if possible.
  3. No more than one or two shots of you or you and your significant other.  That shot MUST have a really great background.
  4. The photos need to show all the places you went on your trip.  They can be balanced or not, depending on how important the stop was.  Keep shots of markets, foods and cutesy schtick to a minimum.
  5. Try to identify as many of the photos as you can, by location or some other noteworthy comment.
  6. Each photo, in post processing (unless you are that good getting perfect lighting, contrast, etc. in the camera) needs to be treated as the only photo everyone will see.  Expect to spend several hours, even at five minutes or less, on a photo, to get the look you want.
  7. If you need help with photo composition, check out this site.


That being said, there are photos that may or may not be snapshots.  Use your judgement.  However, photos like the ones below, should be limited to one:

20190619 102906 1

While this one could go either way.

20190614 103230
Sulfur Springs…a real place and scenic. It is not a phenomenal photograph, but it was a fun part of the trip.  Include some of these.

More photographs like this one, however, will give the viewer a far better idea of of the really great things you have seen.

Outstanding Vacation Photos

This is an HDR shot.  It took me about 20 minutes to finish to my satisfaction.

The above are all from my Iceland Trip in 2019.

The Iceland trip photos are here

The single email * came from a woman on our Iceland Trip.  We all share names and emails and then forget about them, except me.  Once I finish the photos and post them online I send and email to everyone.  What I got back was: “Glenn, we you on the same trip as us?  Your photos are terrific.  I am not even going to post mine.  I am going to send people to your site.  Thanks.”

Glenn Abelson

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