4 Creative Photography Ideas

Simple Alluring Post Processing Creative Photography

Creative is what YOU call creative, not what someone else does.
Your result could be a simple change,  something utterly strange or merely alluring.

You may have seen my previous post  5 Intriquing Creative  In Camera Photography Ideas – With Detailed Photos.

In post processing creative work, however, you have virtually unlimited options of what you can do.

My interest in this realm started by accident.  My first “creative” photo was a night shot I took of Kennebunkport Harbor in Maine.  In post processing I changed the sky to daylight and left the harbor and boats in night time.  It was so subtle that NO ONE saw what I did.

I did take to the idea however.  My first real success was the modification of a photo of a artist’s studio in Asheville, NC.  This was a three story building, with a stairway on the side.  See original and changes.

I do not always know if I want to   change a photo, but, often shots   like this one, or stairs, walls and   chairs are photos I take with a   creative idea in mind, thought I   do not necessarily know exactly  what.

sky door org
Artist Studio, Ashland, NC
sky door 2 1
Sky Door #1. Removed building and old sky. Added rust to stairs. Put in new sky. There is now several variations with different skies.

sky door 2




One concept for creative post   processing is to see what you   can ADD or REMOVE from a   photo to make it unique.

Fall leaves on the ground.

In this case I saw the dark spot   vaguely near the center of the   photo and decided to ADD   something there (I am a great fan of PS Paste Into).  I tried a car, but it was too small.  I tried a coffee cup, a mirror and lightning bolt.  As I said before, I am not always aware of exactly what would please my eye. 

Speaking of eyes . . . that seemed to work for me.

an eye through autumn leaves alluring
Saturated fall leaves with an eye dropped in from one of my facial photos.

A bit more involved was my NY Times Square Toast

I started with a so so photo of Times Square, NY.

times square

 I reworked the basic photo to be a bit more appealing.  

  • Changed the sky
  • Added color and saturation

Then I 

  • Put in a cutout of a glass of wine
  • Duplicated that glass to a new layer and rotated it 45 degrees
  • Played with opacity of the rotated wine glass

And arrived at the following.

Says It All

Sometimes, creativity is just a matter of changing the look and feel of a photo.

Below is a NYC Skyline, with the Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn Park

NYC Skyline

For this photo I tried several options, all of which I liked. 


NYC Skyline BW and blue Edit
The first was B&W and Blue.  This kind of change is simple in LR, PS or any graphic editor that allows you to de saturate by color.
Creative Photography
Then I tried a sunset look.  While this can be done in PS, it is easier in Luminar.  However, for extended control I used Landscape PRO 3.
NYC Skyline Option 3
Another sunset look, but with different shading.
NYC Skyline Option 2a
Finally, a stormy night, with some hot air balloons thrown in to make it weird.

Glenn Abelson

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