5 Intriguing In Camera Creative Photography Ideas With Detailed Photos

Creative Photography Simplified

What is creative photography?  It is anything you shoot that is unusual or special.  It is any photo you modify to make it unusual or special.  Whether it has been done before or not is not relevant.  Whether you copy someone else’s idea or not, is not relevant.

In camera creativity could be:

A Perspective Photo

Shoot up or down.  Perhaps a  stairway leading into an interesting room.  Shoot through a “tunnel”, like the photograph below,  or maybe turn the camera so the horizon line is not level.

under the pier
As I walk, with my camera, I just try to keep an eye out for something of interest, or something different.  Above, was a beach walk, but it could just as well be a forest or city street.  I am always looking for a shot that gives me a natural depth of field.


On the Road
I threw down a beach towel and lay down on the road. Oy.  This was an unusual motivation.  Originally, I had stopped to see if I had a good landscape shot.  Suddenly the yellow line in the road caught my eye.  My wife was look out for cars.

An interesting reflection

Even though the idea of photographing into a mirror, or even multiple mirrors has been done thousands of times, there is no real end to the possible effects you can generate.

Moscow Sunset Reflection

Everyone, including me, was looking at yet another gorgeous sunset from our riverboat on the Moscow Canal (quite large).  I turned around, with my back to the sunset and saw this photo  What you are seeing is the people inside the bar (very faint) as well as the people sitting on the deck watching the sunset.

Creative Photography
On a road trip through Colorado several years ago we caught up with the Colorado (Quiznos) Bike Race.  The pre race line up of bicycle team buses and bikes and all the vendors was a fun block party, whether you are a cyclist or not.  As in the previous photo,  all I needed do was turn away from the people and look at the bus.  The hub caps were super shiny and provided a great reflection.

Shooting Through A Filter

I am not, necessarily, referring to a camera lens filter,  Your filter could be frosted glass, a piece of mesh fabric or the lens of your eyeless, You get the idea.  Yes, much of this can be done post processing as well.  Just saving a step, if you wish to.

Beer - Simplicity

All I did was put a piece of glass with water droplets in front of the beer. I did add some light leaks post processing, but that would not be necessary.


DSC 1856 Edit
Stop Action – 1/500 of a second.  I tend to turn image stabilization off at shutter speeds of 1/500 of a second or faster.
Bicycles on Manhattan Bridge
Two bicycles passing me on the Williamsburg Bridge in NY. Slow shutter speed, focused on railing.  Shot at 1/50th of a second. See more bicycle photos and posts at The Bicycle Site.

Multiple Exposure

Some of my older favorites included one person walking alongside themself, which was originally done before computers with a film camera.  

Intriguing Poinsetta
I Took 3 photos, each from a different angle. Some cameras allow you to merge them together in camera, though you can always do it post processing. And yes, I did add a painterly effect, post processing.

You can also move the camera or the lens while you shoot.

Look at whatever in camera processing you can do after you shoot, to change the effect.

It’s  really all about paying attention to your surroundings.  Most of these photos were not sought out.  I happened to look in the correct direction at the right time or a thought came to me from out of the blue.  For sure I was thinking about taking photographs, but not necessarily with any particular goal.


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