My Photographic Endeavors

My photographic endeavors do not rise to the level of professionals or self appointed photography pro.

  • My car, and even my bicycle,  cost more than my camera and lenses.
  • I am reasonably patient when taking photographs, but will rarely wait an hour for the perfect shot.
  • I can use most of my camera’s functions, but do need to carry a cheat sheet for the ones I rarely use.

photographic endeavors

I was lucky in that the heron took off about 30 seconds after I focused on it while it was standing still. I would not have waited for than a few minutes, however.

I did eidt and crop the photo, however.

Great Blue Heron Edit Edit

Neither are my photographic endeavors drifting along a the more simplistic levels of photography.

  • I rarely use Automatic or Program.  That is not why I bought a DSLR.
  • I WILL spend an inordinate amount of time post processing, to get the look I want.
  • While snapshots have their place,  I try to avoid them for show and tell.
  • I almost never ask people to pose or smile.  I prefer a natural look.
Good Expression

My Photographic Endeavors Are Somewhere Between The 2 Extremes

I don’t know if I will ever by a full frame camera.

  • With my 6000 x 4000 pixel dslr I can print anything up to 20×24 inches without resizing.
  • Since I only carry my camera on a walk or hike occasionally, I have a hard time justifying the expense of a “better” camera.
  • I have, certainly, read and re-read the manual as well as various cheat sheets, and still cannot remember everything.
  • I usually shoot Aperture or Speed.
  • I do use autofocus,  but also read some interesting papers on how to use it effectively.  (Search “jared llyod autofocus” for more).

I never post photos that have not been processed, at least minimally.

  • I do use Lightroom,  Photoshop and a host of add ons on a regular basis.
  • I change photos to 2 Color, 3 Color, B&W, Sepia and other looks to see the effect.
  • I fret over whether the photo is good enough,
  • I submit photos for judging in local camera clubs, and thoroughly enjoy getting a high score.

I endeavor to make my photos interesting and worth looking at through all the actions above.

IMG 0136 Edit
Soap Balloons in Central Park, NYC


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