A Distinctive Viewpoint

For me any photographing of inanimate objects, comes under the general heading of still life, though, technically, that is somewhat expansive.  To keep it honest, however, I will just call it a distinctive viewpoint.

If you are a landscape photographer you could think of these photos as inanimate landscape.

A Good Photo Can Tell A Simple Story With Its Own Distinctive Viewpoint

This blog is about ideas and examples.  There are many styles of photography.  Some thoughts about this are here.

Distinctive Viewpoint
Swings And Shadows…What Is It Saying? The swings with the shadows can say many things,  quiet (no one there) peaceful (restful view), lonely (no one there) or sad (no children).  This was an accidental shot.  I was walking on a boardwalk,  I don’t remember where.    I had my camera, hoping to get some action shots of water sports or maybe some beach volleyball.  I saw the swings and my entire attention shifted. I actually have several  versions of this photo that play with color and toning.


DSC 2953
Still life and close up, this typewriter brings back memories for some of us and wonderment for others.




typewrite black and color
These two shots are from the Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site, in KC, MO.  I find historic houses great places to take photos of this nature, when photography is permitted. I could have shot the books and lamp, just as well. Make it partially B&W and you have an entirely different mood. With above photo, it was also fun to make some brushes B&W by removing saturation  selectively ( in Lightroom,  Photoshop and Gimp, a free photo editor).


painters studio
Art Studio, Asheville, NC.  The artist claimed that everyone who came in wanted to photograph his table.   I can see why. It does make a good still life, but a little editing, below, I think makes it more so.








Distinctive Viewpoint
I changed the view in the window and extended the blue, added some light spots and played with the brush colors.







DSC 3508 Edit
Beach Picnic Area This was on a winter walk.  The setting felt lonely at time I took the photo.













winter cookout
Of course, if you want to play with it a bit, in your favorite photo editor, you may come with this.


sky door 2 Edit
Sky Door #1 – Still Life,  Architectural or  Creative?  Does it matter? See how I did this here.




































































































































Mommy & Me

Strollers At Rest






















Just a bunch of ideas. 


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