Forever Endeavoring To Catch The Light

We Always Want To “Catch The Light” At Just The Right Moment

It’s the right light and shadows that thoroughly enhance your photos.

The hard way to catch early morning light is to get up when it is dark, walk, drive or run to where you want to catch the light and wait.  Or, get up earlier so you can brew or buy so coffee on the way.  (If, like me, you are a senior, you my also need a bathroom near your shoot site, after the coffee).

The hard way to catch evening light, particularly after an active day and a relaxed late afternoon happy hour, is to just get moving again.

Sometimes, however, catching the light is easy.*

We have been to Rocky Mountain National Park twice.  Both times we stayed at the YMCA in Estes Park.  The Y borders on the park (you can actually walk in on one of the trails) and has great views from almost any room in one of the inns.  The food is, well, food.  Think healthy basic cooking.  You can go outside the grounds to eat in Estes Park, but with our early starts and our tired evenings, we only did that once.  The food on the outside was, well, food.  But, I digress before I even get started.

This photo of Rocky Mountain National Park, was easy.   *After long days of hiking, sleep comes early, so, fortunately, does getting up to catch the sunrise.  A little adjusting of basic sliders was all that was needed.

Sunrise Rocky Mountain National Park
Sunrise Rocky Mountain National Park.  I believe I this at breakfast from the dining room.  However, Most of the rooms in the inns have great view of the park, as well.   Handheld with my arms resting on a fence. Exposure 1/60, f19, 70mm, 160 iso

The same thing happened, on another road trip, along the California Coast.

We got to this beach early and the fog was still lifting.  I only needed three or four shots to get one I liked.


california coast
Lifting Fog Somewhere Along The California Coast.  Oh yeah, for this shot, we were already on the road before 8 am.  I was not really looking for a sunrise shot, but as we walked this beach, the driftwood, fog (slightly reduced) and mountain peak in the background, looked like a painting.  I did a little post processing with contrast and luminance. Handheld, 125th sec, f11, 80mm 100 iso

We have all been at the right place at the right time to catch photos like these.

Sometimes we need to wait awhile, because we know it’s coming.  Leave the significant other at home or make sure there is enough coffee for both of you.

On occasion I get a get a good night shot, as well.  Took this with a Kodak point and shoot.  No data available.

catching the light
Moosehead Lake, Maine 1974. This shot was just being there, with my camera, watching the sunset. The boat just sailed by.

So often I need to wait for or plan to catch the light, usually at 5:30 am.  For these photos I was at the right place at the right time.


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